Associated Benefits with Cloud Ways Managed Hosting Services

As the world is being much virtual with a number of websites, reliable hosting service provider is necessitated increasingly. In this sequence to fulfill customized consumer needs cloud hosing via cloud computing resources in necessary. This is as a gift for some companies to prevent from complexity, management time and cost of developing own private cloud. Ahead in the sequence, this investment removes one of major benefits named as cloud instant scalability.

 Wordpress Hosting

However there are various benefits that your cloud hosting provider may enable. You cloud hosting provider may enable thousand of physical server laid together as one and website can have access most of them in a certain time slot. This increases the traffic spiked with no problem due to huge redundant hosting capacity that enable a guarantee to enable as you need within a short span of time.

Another with these cloud hosting services is their easier upgrade or downgrade within a single click. Now with the immense increase of IT professionals in the world of internet and computer science, scaling bandwidth on the different levels of internet traffic is not quite tough. Days are passed away, when it was in huge demand to contact host for extra bandwidth or custom due to lack of bandwidth this time. If you are envy with cloud hosting, its administrative programs will be enabling you automatically to allocate required resources to increase or decrease with a blink of hosting cap. Great performance always reduces the cost with the reduced service disruption. Businesses cannot be sometimes handled with single server and occur for a crash down but virtual access to the multiple servers enables great benefit. With the featured services of cloud ways you can enjoy various added factors like multiple developers platforms, repo sync, cloud redundancy and more.

Multiple Developers Platforms

As named multiple developers platforms, cloudways enables cloud deployment-ready language stacks like PHP, Java, Rails, and Python for quick and hassle-free installation. Test your applications on multiple clouds in real time. Set your application at automated backups so that when your application becomes unresponsive, you can start from where you left off. Not only are this but there bunch of other benefits too that a business website comprises when getting with cloudways managed hosting services.

Repo Sync

Configure your system settings, synchronize them to the repository and you are ready to roll.

Cloud Redundancy

All data is backed up frequently with our automated disaster recovery mechanism to make sure your cloud setup and application are reliable.

With the chance of having various resources available, various users are now able to augment their business without incurring any kind of overhead. Cloud hosting companies like cloudways only charge for the quantity of computing power used and it becomes as similar to your water supply bill. Now you only need to pay what you use with this great service.

Cloud ways enables various added features and benefits for developers to enjoy cloud deployment ready language stacks for hassle free and quick installation, repo sync and cloud redundancy for automated backups thus reliable and customized cloud server monitoring.

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Cloud Migration Enabling Free To Move Out Of Cloud Environment

Migrating some code to cloud and migrating an entire application to the cloud have a big difference. A code base is indeed the heart of any application but a code is useless without any data and accessing it via the sources is biggest challenge for cloud migration. Moving data into cloud seems like a solution but most of the storage mediums in cloud tend to run it through cheap disks that are virtualized and shared among various tenants. Nowdays storing data become slight cheaper and it is what you will get for that you have paid for. These storage mediums tend to be slow thus slowing down the efficiency of cloud application performance. Your code may perform faster with the elastic computing power of the cloud but it can only speed up as it can be able to retrieve and process entire data.

Wordpress Hosting

However, various secret key factors can be found to optimizing data access and management and most of the companies tend to see their database operation at 80% CPU consumption at the same time where other web and application servers are running at only 30%. This inequality process can only be performed by cloud where databases are usually shared via multiple cloud customers. Sometimes, storing your data might be cheaper but it is not quite true that you application might run quite efficiently and in fact your application monitoring tools will immediately make perceptible.

A large of companies can be found involved offering data migration services. Our cloudways data migration is on the best with no locking in. Cloud migration provided by cloudways is just excellent and includes some major factors to enable great and precise approach.

Guided Cloud Migration

Cloudways knows that all we love migrating data to cloud. This passion has enabled us to deliver foolproof cloud migration with 0% downtime, 0% data loss, 0% security risk and 0% cloud migration troubles. We have our tools and tutorials to help you with migration in Click&Go, whereas, in Power Cloud managed setup and migration is already included.

No Long-term Commitment. Pay as you go!

Cloudways never asks for long term commitments. We know you will love our services and will remain with us for as long as you need what we offer. You will never feel locked in; you are free to take your app to any cloud of your choice. In fact, we will also help you migrate out, and if you would like to keep your current cloud provider, we will help you run your system out of our domain, the way you want.

Our system is built keeping in mind that customers have freedom to move in and out whenever they want in few clicks.

Cloud ways provides complete cloud migration feature to enable you NO LOCK-IN, where you are free to move out of Cloud ways environment. Simple pay-as-you-go cloud model!

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Features and Benefits Of Cloud Backup Management

The term cloud stands for the connected services allowing access a website to process with the power of various servers to utilize all inclusive resources of the particular server group in a meantime. This process is known as cloud hosting. A website hosted on a cloud hosting uses a set of clustered servers to enhance its own performance.

Hosted WordPress

Cloud hosting associates with various added benefits and it is really good for every website hosted. The importance of cloud hosting is never hidden to anyone and it does all by using various ways. Startups with the cloud hosting keeps cost down by storing most of the resources like data and applications on cloud. As the name implies, it work great by managing data in proper direction. Research projects can be boosted up by accessing online libraries, collecting and editing report on the cloud itself.

Various companies invest a large sum of money to purchase state of the art servers to store clients’ data and various service related applications. However, cloud servers can handle all these tasks thus companies can put their entire emphasis on enabling high end services to their clients. In the entire context of cloud hosting, you even not need to have knowledge about complex cloud computing technologies as the entire details can be handled well by cloud providers while the corporate can focus their entire mindset to enable eminent services to their clients and to individual users to use cloud services with the convenience on pay per use basis.

Apart from these belongings, a cloud hosting includes various features and benefits. Some of these are as follows:

Automated Cloud Backups

Automated cloud backups are just a wow experience to the users. In this context, cloudways application panel gives you complete liberty to perform manual backups any time you want, or to set up automatic backups. Automatic backups can be set every 1, 6, 12 or 24 hours. This helps in freely rolling back failed updates or configurations.

Automated Cloud Failover

With cloud hosting, you can find backup management and best cloud backup of your entire data to ensure that you will never lost your data even when the occurrences of disaster of any kind. With cloud hosting services you can enjoy a guaranteed maximum uptime. Sometimes, when any server or application gets unresponsive, these have an ability to restore the application without any delay.

 Cross Cloud Recovery

Recovery of the data is necessary for all the time and most of the companies are announcing a number of services to take hold of. However if it is about cloud backup, it has an ability to restore the application on same cloud automatically with an assured guarantee of 99.9 % uptime.

Cloud ways provides excellent cloud backup and Backup Management for all cloud applications on cloudways automatic with 1, 6, 12 or 24 hours backup along with 100% uptime on cloud.

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Cloudways Managed WordPress Cloud To Enable Excellent Hosting For Your Website

Publishing content has been much easier with a single click. It is something you don’t need to browse through the website code whenever the updation with the content is necessary. Content management system like wordpress works great in that regarding that needs installation of setup and you can work effectively even with a little knowledge of FTP. It is quite easy to set up a blog straight away either free or with a monthly setup fee to check the users interest without losing any thing. However, it is necessary to look for wordpress hosting as an alternative.

Managed wordpress hosting means everything can be performed via a little help. While talking about latest versions of wordpress, it encompasses with the ability to be updated automatically. If there is any issue with the plugins, it is necessary to for a manager to keep website online.

A wordpress hosing is something excellent to have website and manage it well. WordPress hosting does a great on highly scalable, available and superfast wordpress cloud for utmost user experience. All you need a completely managed wordpress cloud with pre-configured and optimized wordpress platform to get website rolling up in minutes.

A range of companies can be found offering managed wordpress hosting with their attractive backup plans. Cloudways in among these companies and provides all inclusive wordpress hosing. A completely managed wordpress cloud with pre-configured and optimized wordpress platform keeps website stays rolling within minutes to enable wow user experience. With the excellent wordpress cloud hosing, you can get,

  • Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime
  • Superfast WordPress Hosting
  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting
  • 24×7 WordPress Managed Support

Backups and Upgrades

While talking about backup of files, proper selection of backup storage is necessary. If you are selecting cloudways to perform this task, you can find frequent backup of your files and database to ensure for quick disaster recovery. All wordpress core and plugin updates are just for free to enable great care.

High Availability

We will make sure your WordPress never goes down. We do extensive load balancing and MySQL Replication to avoid downtime during peak traffic hours.

WordPress Optimization

We optimize your WordPress to give superfast experience to your customers and tune Cache Modules with Apache and MySQL for best performance.

WordPress Migration

Want to migrate WordPress to managed cloud right now but worried about how will you go about doing it without disturbing your visitors? We will do this for your Absolutely Free in managed plans.

WordPress Integration

Cloudways provides full support in integrating your WordPress website with all third party apps and utilities that will help increase your visitor and user base. We also setup WordPress Multisite in order for you to easily manage multiple WordPress installations.

Plug-ins & CDN

From our long experience we will get you the best combination of plug-ins loaded with all your media files on CDN to fasten the user experience. Cloudflare, VoxCDN, Cloudfront are all supported on Cloudways Platform for WordPress.

At Cloud ways, you can find managed wordpress hosting, backups, core/plug-in updates, speed optimization, wordpress cloud server along with fast, reliable and fully secured wordpress cloud hosting.

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How can businesses leverage the Full Potential of Cloud Computing

How to get the most out of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the most discussed and talked about concept in IT sectors nowadays. Businesses irrespective of their operating magnitude are joining the Cloud Computing bandwagon because of its numerous inherent boons. But jumping onboard and making full use of Cloud Computing are two separate things. The crux of this article will be to elucidate how businesses can fully leverage the potential of Cloud Computing.

How Cloud Computing Aligns With Business Goals

Knowledge is all empowering they say! The first step of fully leveraging Cloud Computing benefits is understanding its intricacies and judging how closely they align with one’s business objectives and goals.

Cloud Computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand and convenient network access to a collection of computing resources that are shared as well as configurable… that can be provisioned instantly, requiring very little interaction from a service provider and self- management.

The definition above is most accurate and concise description of Cloud Computing one can ask for and its pretty self explanatory. Ascertaining what flavor of Cloud Computing is most feasible and would seamlessly integrate with your business architecture is of the essence. Strategic exploration and exploitation of Cloud Computing venues is highly recommended at all stages.

How Can Organizations Leverage The Full Potential Of Cloud Computing

Create Awareness And Train Employees

If you are shifting business integral software to cloud architecture, it’s a prudent move to impart proper training and create awareness about it. Training employees to adept to the difference in operating environment will pay rich dividends and save a lot of valuable time.

Starting Small

This may sound counter productive but it’s a prudent move. Shifting portion of your business application (non crucial ones) first on the cloud would serve as a viable trial and also help assess the ability of Cloud Computing models in various departments such as scaling up, provision of backup, security and constant availability. In short it will allow a subscriber to ascertain the validity of everything the Cloud Computing services provider claimed.

Formulating Feasible Cloud Transcendence Strategy  

Last but not least it’s highly recommended that a feasible, concise and all encompassing strategy for transcending to cloud should be formulated. This strategy should address key points like how to best support the business objectives of the enterprise, which services are to be moved to the cloud infrastructure and how to plot a seamless and hurdles course to Cloud Computing from current IT environment.

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5 Benefits of WordPress – Managed Cloud Hosting Partnership

The Japanese word “Kaizen” literally means improvement or change for the better. How can the worlds most popular and ubiquitous blogging tool, WordPress, get any better? We can have development and CMS pundits’ debate about limiting the number of plugins, utilizing a CDN, caching etc. However, seldom do we hear about improvement in a broader perspective that reckon elements, such as hosting, an integral part of the equation. It’s pretty common for businesses, independent developers and boutique development agencies to overlook this factor, which may result in performance that is not at par. If you or your clients are expecting some serious traffic along with anomalous spikes, partnering with a Managed Cloud Hosting provider is highly recommended. Independent developers can also benefit by outsourcing resource intensive tasks such as optimization, performance management and server/network traffic monitoring.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Here’s looking at 5 eminent ways a quintessential WordPress-Managed Cloudpartnership can yield improved results in performance and operations:

1- High Availability & Unlimited Storage Space

Forget unscheduled downtime with a 99.99% up-time guarantee. It is well documented that even a slight increase in page load (we’re talking a few seconds here) can result in significant increase in bounce rate, decrease in page views and hit you where it hurts the most – the wallet. The agility of most cloud providers in load balancing and server duplication ascertain your data isn’t lost even if something goes wrong. This is done almost instantaneously to ensure minimum downtime (something unimaginable to do with traditional hosting). Better user experience (UX) equals more revenue dollars.

Plus, you never have to worry about running low on storage space due to flexibility in scaling and adding more resources on-demand.

2-Ironclad Data Security & Backup

Another fallacy of managed cloud hosting pertains to security vulnerability; the security measures for data hosted on the cloud are just as stringent (if not more) as any other environment i.e. On-site, VPS. Moreover, Cloud Security Groups and advanced patching process makes it a more reliable option for many clients. An effective contingency backup plan and constant monitoring ensure that data is never lost even if there was a crash. High availability through redundancy policies ensure the possibility of disaster recovery (DR) in unforeseen incidents like fire, earthquake etc.

3-Agility in handling Traffic Spikes

An inherent ability of the cloud is to adapt to abrupt traffic and web activity spikes. With Auto-scaling, which automatically scales-up/scales-down the number of resources allocated to a particular site/app, your instance of WordPress will function optimally on high inbound traffic and seamlessly handle your ‘rate of change’ i.e. the number of times files or databases are modified with new information and then backed up.

Auto-scaling can be done in two ways: Front-end Site Traffic and Horizontal Scaling (for back-end processes), the choice of which depends on the defined conditions. A managed cloud partner helps you get by these jargon by evaluating your requirements and suggesting the type best suited to your needs.

4-Saves Time

Gone are the days of adding physical servers to the existing set-up. The TAT to deploy additional server(s) has decreased from couple of days (onsite) versus 5 minutes (cloud).

Additionally, with the cloud provider taking care of configuring the hardware/app, as well as procuring compatible software tools for your CMS application, things are destined to save you invaluable time. The cloud solution provider is fully responsible for these mundane tasks (including on-demand pre-installed themes and plug-ins). The end result is a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing and cross-platform compatible CMS.

5-Reduces Costs and Overheads

It isn’t rocket science to figure that removing a flurry of onsite servers, data storage and networking hardware devices, as well as reassigning the IT staff into more productive roles/tasks will drastically reduce costs. On top of that, you’ll pay only a fraction of the total monthly IT budget to the cloud provider to do it better, faster and more efficiently.

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Cloud Computing Privacy

Since it emergence almost four years ago, cloud computing is being hailed as the next evolutionary step in computing. Similar to every emerging technology which is predicted to outdo its predecessor, there are some ambiguities associated with the Cloud as well. Critics are of the opinion that availing services, running application instances and storing data on the Cloud poses a threat of privacy infringement. Some of the pivotal queries that need to be addressed before integrating the cloud architecture within an enterprise include:

Cloud for developers

Are the remote servers adequately protected against malicious attacks such as hacking, phishing etc?

Is the cloud infrastructure safe from physical intrusion?

Would the privacy policies suffice to protect confidential information?

Assessing the privacy provision of your cloud service provider

All cloud providers provide their cloud security provisioning vis-à-vis privacy policy for potential clients to review before subscribing to their services (usually available in the footer on the providers’ website). The privacy policy should provide an unobstructed view of where the information will be stored, highlight availability zones, data centers, and mention protocols that will determine access to your cloud servers. A thorough analysis of information data flow would help identify vulnerabilities and loopholes (if any). Most cloud providers however have very strict policies pertaining to cloud redundancy, monitoring and offer ironclad data security & backup.

Even if everything looks hunky dory, ALWAYS have your IT department review this document thoroughly to determine what is offered beyond the marketing copy on the website.

Availing the right flavor of cloud computing

Cloud computing is available in various flavors each varying from another in terms of facilities and amenities provision. Selecting the right one, which closely aligns with the objectives and goals of your enterprise, is imperative. A private cloud might provide beefed up security and privacy options than a regular public cloud, hence you can opt for a hybrid private/public cloud which bestows the advantages of both.

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